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Ematic can help you implement and onboard your new tools properly.

The Objectives

Help ensure your new technology and team are ready to go.

Help make sure all of your data and assets are migrated properly.

Help to integrate all of your technologies for data consistency.

Help unlock features that are not available otherwise.

I need help setting up my tech

Ematic Solutions has helped launch marketing technology products more than 5,000 times, and nothing is more important to your future success than getting it done correctly from the start. Little mistakes have long term consequences and are the #1 reason marketing technology purchases fail.

The second most important thing is speed and time to value, and nobody is faster than Ematic. The third piece is cost, and minimizing your up front investment in launching new marketing technology is the key to maximizing long term ROI. Whether you need help with a self-service product that doesn’t offer implementation support, or your provider either can’t support you properly or their fees are too high, Ematic can help.

I need help finding the right technology for my business

I need help to move to a new platform

Switching costs are a major problem with marketing technology. Mistakes can happen when migrating data that can have massive consequences - sometimes legal ramifications. Marketers also don’t want to lose all their historical data, nor go through the process of setting everything up all over again. Learning how to use the new platform takes a lot of time for everyone on your team, and can be a major setback for your productivity.

Ematic Solutions is the best in the world when it comes to planning and executing migrations smoothly, and can help minimize switching costs.

I need help finding the right technology for my business

I need help integrating my products

When you work directly with you provider to implement new technology, they’re usually great right up until you need to integrate your technology with the rest of your stack. Typically you won’t get more than some basic guidance or help guides - if there’s a problem with the integration between two technologies, both providers will simply point the finger at the other.

Ematic Solutions is uniquely capable of helping get your new technology properly connected across your entire stack, because we sit across the entire stack. Marketing Technology living in silos simply won’t cut it anymore.

I need help finding the right technology for my business

I need help onboarding my team

You’ve got your shiny new technology, it’s all set up and plugged in, and now it’s time to go start generating massive growth and revenue. There’s only one problem: your team has no idea how to use the new product, and they’re resisting the change because they’re scared of the new.

Ematic Solutions offers generous amounts of training on any of our core products, and can help fill gaps where your provider is lacking.

I need help finding the right technology for my business

I want to add functionality to my existing technology

When you “bought the dream” it seemed like whiz-bang…everything’s ready right out of the box. Then your training and onboarding ended and you realized that using the fancy features isn’t nearly so easy as it seemed. A classic cast is something like building a Customer Journey, which *looked so easy* with that nice drag-n-drop interface, but still that feature is just sitting on the shelf collecting dust and blowing a hole in your budget.

Ematic Solutions can help activate features and functionality that you’re paying for and not using.

I need help finding the right technology for my business