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Ematic Solutions is part of Ematic Group. Ematic Solutions was created 7 years ago, initially revolving around transforming email marketing into an ROI machine. Since then, the group has been expanding to address the broader need of any online actor. While Ematic Solutions provides a tailor made approach to address your growth marketing stack, Elixus Agency can help with full digital strategies from acquisition to activation & retention, whilst Sub AI adds the final touch that bridges any gap between your technology requirements and business needs.

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執行長 (CEO) 想說的話

Paul Tenney

CEO & Co-Founder

Ematic Solutions 的創辦宗旨,即是協助企業與品牌發揮數位行銷 (Digital Marketing) 的真正價值,無論你是大型企業,或是中小型品牌。 在 Ematic,我們實事求是,不空談夢想,也不天馬行空。我們最大的目標就是「解決問題」,致力透過階段性的實際目標,逐步邁向未來。如果我們的客戶無法善用行銷科技 (Martech) 產品,真正發揮其價值時,我們將徹夜難眠。對 Ematic 團隊來說,客戶的成功,等於 Ematic 的成功。

用一句話形容 Ematic 的核心宗旨:如何協助客戶用最合理的價格,獲得最優質的服務,與全球頂尖的科技行銷 (Martech) 工具。 我們專注於了解需求、解決問題,透過靈活、彈性的合作方式,讓客戶能永遠能在 Ematic 根據不斷變化的目標及需求,找到最佳解答。

Paul Tenney

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