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Maximize Growth and ROI Through

Maximize Growth and ROI Through

Our Belief

At Ematic, we focus on results. We believe every business deserves the most favorable digital marketing solutions. Our approach is designed to help businesses to drive revenue through our proprietary technology, digital marketing services, and co-innovating within the partner’s ecosystem. We will dynamically measure the effectiveness of any cross channel campaigns at scale to drive revenue.








Tech Solutions


AI & Machine Learning

Subscriber Lifecycle
Insights & Optimization


Machine Intelligence

Maximize Conversion Rate by Retargeting Visitors


Machine Intelligence

Database Capturing and
Conversion Optimization

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Cross Channel Intelligence

Integrated Data Analytics

Digital Marketing Services

We have developed a series of products and services to address all digital challenges marketers are facing. From acquisition to retention we will be focusing on driving revenue for your business.

Email Marketing

Hi-iQ is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to optimize email marketing database. It’s designed as a tool for database optimization, to rocket your Email Marketing Efficiency.

Retry-iQ is an automated tool that allows to retarget your subscribers by tracking their behavior on your website. By sending a personalized dynamic content,
Retry-iQ helps you to make the most out of your potential customers to convert.

Bye-iQ is a machine intelligence tool that function as database growth promoter. It encourages smart overlay designs that elevate your customers’ browsing experience.

Database Marketing

We simplify the solutions for platform integration, data migration, and management services. We support end-to-end process across our partnership platforms with additional tech-built intelligence software.

Our customer success team functions to quickly rectify any common pitfalls within this process and to ensure it goes placidly while reducing complexities at your end.

  • Platform Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Platform and Data Management
  • Platform Buying
  • Web I Mobile Push I SMS I In-App Campaign

Digital Performance Marketing

As a Digital Marketing agency, We work on a cross channel strategy to optimize any media budget towards better ROI and Revenue. Our automated digital performance marketing technology helps to reduce the time required to optimize your digital campaign so we can generate revenue at a scale much faster than a regular media buyer

  • Cross channel Optimization
  • Cross channel Dashboard
  • Ultimate Iteration A/B Test Machine
  • Data Driven Algorithms & Automations

Website CRO & Development

Are your users leaving without converting? Our meticulous web designers and web builders work closely to craft and develop amazing websites that’ll help you to stand out from the crowd and meet your revenue target effortlessly.
We can help you to create, manage and optimize your on-page SEO, off-page SEO and content creation to get you to the top three results on Google.

Social Media Marketing

We craft strong and integrated content plans, being on social media, on your blog or across the different channels. We believe that social media marketing should be used as a performance channel to drive traffic and conversion:

  • Social  Management & Campaigns
  • Strategy & Consultancy
  • Content & Production
  • Blog Optimization
  • SEO Friendly

Our Virtuous Circle

Digital marketing shouldn’t be thought of as Silo. Hence we have designed a unique cross channel methodology to optimize every step from Acquisition to retention. We instill a mix of Human approach through our digital marketing expert and our proprietary technology to drive the maximum of any digital campaign.

Engineering AI Solutions

Our AI engine acts like a super-brain (think Einstein). It learns how every visitor on your website and every subscriber in your database behaves so you can capture more visitors, hyper-target your customers with better messages and get more purchases from every customer


Don’t take our words for it.

Look at what our customers are saying about Ematic. Want to hear more about our work? We have a long list of customers that are happy to share their experiences with you.

“In a word, effective”

“In a word, effective. Ematic was very effective in growing our database and driving conversions, allowing us to generate strong ROI from email.”

Tey Hong Leng
Guardian eCommerce Manager

Everything You Need to 10x Your Results

More Subscribers

Grow your database 24/7 by nudging visitors to sign-up [when they’re most likely to act].

More Revenue

Automate behavioural campaigns to increase on-site purchases and bookings.

More Engagement

Drive more engagement purchases from every campaign, easily.

Less Work

Get better results and higher ROI from email marketing, without any
extra work.

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your move. Let’s chat!

Now it’s time to make your move. Let’s chat!