What if…

AI could 10X your email marketing results,

without increasing your workload?

What if…

your database continued to grow 2X faster all through the day, every day – even when your team is enjoying the weekend?

What if…

your subscribers opened your emails, and consumed your content – 2X more than they did before?

What if…

you could make it 2X easier for your customers to buy their favorite products?

What if…

every metric you care about could keep growing… month on month… with just a few clicks?

Those Are The Real Results Our Customers Get

By Working With Ematic Over Time.

Our 300+ clients have grown their revenues by 10X (and more) –
a lot faster than they could have imagined. With AI, so can you.

AI Is Changing The Way Businesses
Connect with Customers

…and you can use it to dramatically improve your email marketing outcomes.

We found that email marketing just works a lot better (think 8-10X better) – when companies optimise their campaigns to fit their customer’s unique habits, preferences and interests.

Unfortunately, hiring a team of data scientists to manually segment your database is expensive and requires a lot of work.

What if you could completely automate it, so that it happens in the background?
Without any extra effort or creating multiple campaigns?
That’s what we do.

Artificial Intelligence For Email Marketing

We build AI software which optimises email marketing for brands – helping them grow their database faster, send hyper-targeted campaigns for max revenue and increase on-site conversions with retargeted campaigns. All done automatically.

Built For Marketers, by Email Marketing Experts

Paul Tenney

CEO & Co-founder

13+ years implementing email marketing programs for top brands like eBay, Hewlett-Packard and Expedia.

Jelenko Sobot

Technical Co-founder

17+ years building the product for the world’s leading enterprise email service providers.

Our Favorite People (aka Customers)

Our clients are some of the most popular brands in the world, in various industries like Travel & Hospitality, eCommerce, and Media.

Why Our Customers Love Us

We mean it when we say that Customer Success is the most important team at Ematic. That’s why we have taken serious (and expensive) steps to take good care of our customers.

We have…

  • Speedy on-boarding and tech support for customers without in-house tech teams, so that they can get started in just days.
  • 37 people in our Customer Success team spread across every one of our major markets. Get personal support from the same person who knows your history – during office hours, all through the week. (No support tickets or waiting for days around here!)
  • Free Performance Optimization from email marketing experts for all clients, built into our packages. We simply won’t let you settle for mediocre results.

Our Cheerleaders (aka Investors)

We’re extremely proud to be supported by some of the world’s leading investors.

Ready to 10X your results

from email marketing easily?