Supercharge your eCommerce Business with Shopify + Ematic

Supercharge your eCommerce Business with Shopify & Ematic
Our Mission

Fully integrated digital ecosystem

Here at Ematic, we believe that the key to winning within the ecommerce world is the correct platform, tools & technology. Our mission is to build a fully functional digital ecosystem with Shopify, an integrated app ecosystem for ecommerce.

Here in Ematic, we believe that to be able to win in the ecommerce business you need the right platform, tools & technology.
Shopify & Ematic are Building Something Big in SEA

Shopify & Ematic Partnership

Shopify & Ematic are Building Something Big in SEA

Shopify (the most widely used ecommerce platform in the world) is expanding their business to focus on Southeast Asia and they asked us to be their partner.

Why YOU SHOULD love Shopify

It’s more than just a platform, it’s an ecosystem!

It’s More Than Just a Platform, It’s an Ecosystem!
Why Get Shopify via Ematic

Why Get Shopify via Ematic

Our mission is your success

Our Approach

More than just builds

We’re here to help along your journey:
Development & Migration → Platform Management → App Integration & Management → Ematic full digital services

Apps Highlight

Scale faster and smarter

We’ll bring the best of the best to your Shopify ecosystem and we will always be looking for the latest and coolest apps in the market for you.

Apps Highlight

Some apps that we love:

Customer Support

Turn your customer support into a profit center

Social Proof

Build shopper trust & excitement, showcase customer experiences & compel buying action

Mobile App Builder

Build your mobile apps in hours (not months), seamlessly, no coding required


Turn first time customers into forever customer with zero coding skills

Our approach

Define your business requirements

We help you launch/ migrate and manage your ecommerce platform based on your business requirements.

Fully Integrated Digital Ecosystem

We can consult you on choosing the right apps, integrating them, and managing that whole ecosystem.

Leverage through Tailor-Made Digital Strategy

We help your business excel toward success through our full suite digital services.

Frequently asked questions

YES. Making the switch to the most optimized and supported eCommerce platform in the industry is well worth the pain and investment. Worry not, Ematic is here to help.

YES. Ematic can help leverage the full power of Shopify by building the entire ecosystem of products and technologies plugged into Shopify, and often you don’t know which are the best ones, or aren’t able to readily implement/manage them due to the specialized knowledge required.

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