Marketing Cloud

Accelerate ROI for your SFMC investment

The Challenge

A powerful tool without
operational support is not enough

You’ve invested in a powerful platform, but to unleash its full potential is labor-intensive.
Chances are, your team has limited resources, or you need to prioritize more impactful tasks.
We can do the heavy lifting and ensure you drive return on your tech investment.

What We Do

We take the most time-consuming and tedious parts from your hands so your team can focus on where they can add the most value.

Marketing Ecosystem

Power up your Salesforce with partner integrations

Our abundant experience and services help connect your Salesforce with the broader ecosystem.

Why Ematic

Certified Marketing
Cloud experts

We know Salesforce like the back of our hand. Our certified marketing cloud consultants, email specialists and developers help you unleash SFMC capacity to the fullest.

Local Teams,
Global Resources

Convince customers to purchase product and maximize total visit revenue with upsells.


Our experts don’t work in silos. Everyone customer-facing understands tech, and everyone technical understands the customer.


We can discuss the high-level strategy as well as act on the hands-on execution. We work with you end-to-end to deliver real marketing results.


What to expect when working with us

We are committed to looking after every small detail to execute your campaigns flawlessly.
Issues may arise at any point.  Our team provides proactive support round the clock.
You would be talking to a dedicated team rather than raising a ticket to a system.

Some brands we work with

More about our services

Monitor and fix data management, system bug/downtime, email deliverability and any integration or technical issues.
Create, set up and curate email/cross-channel activities to support marketing campaigns based on your marketing calendar end-to-end.
Set up and maintain an optimized marketing automation strategy to continuously drive positive ROI.


fast with quality