Make right MarTech investment that justifies the ROI

The challenge

With a sea of tools out there, it’s getting harder to get a solution right

We’ve got the team, the experience, and the best price possible for your CRM success
What we can help with

Your Martech investment process made stress-free

We work with you to ensure the best ROI for every dollar you spend on Martech tools.

Why use Ematic as your Martech agent

We are the buyer’s agent. We are on your side to advise only options that are good for you instead of forcing one.
Martech expertise

9 years of experience in Martech across platforms and industries to help you match your needs swiftly

Centralized Point of Contact

Streamline communication and save you from tons of sales follow-ups

King of migration

We've performed thousands of platform migrations and nobody is close.

Step-change approach

Prioritize the key pain points, build a long term plan, and step-change your way to the stack of your dreams

Timely, responsive local support

Resolve technical issues and receive customer support in no time.

Better deal than if you buy direct

Negotiate to your favor - flexible terms, cheaper prices etc

How does it work

We support you in every step of your MarTech adoption process

Our trusted partners

Free Marketing & Tech Assessment

We offer free assessments to review your entire marketing budget and advise if there are opportunities to reduce costs, upgrade legacy technologies, or rebalance some spend to optimize your marketing ROI.

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