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One of the more pronounced benefits of going into online marketing is how you can track, analyze, and understand your customers as well as how they respond to your product. All of this information is called "data," and when you’re deep enough into collecting data while journeying into online marketing, you might have stumbled upon the terms "zero," "first," "second," and "third-party" data. What exactly are they, and why do you need to know the difference?

The quest to effective marketing is a never-ending journey. Marketing tactics may vary depending on the company and industry, but one thing

Perfect parts don’t make a perfect whole. By breaking down marketing silos and creating cross-channel synergy, companies can build a stronger brand

The rapid change of new marketing technology puts businesses in need of reviewing and updating marketing stack more often. In the latest

MarTech investments account for around 25% to total marketing budget on average, but marketers report that they utilize only 42% of the capabilities available in their MarTech stack.

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