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Beware of Recruitment Scams! We are aware of suspicious individuals and organizations claiming to be recruiters for Ematic Solutions (“Ematic”), falsely using

At Ematic, we acknowledge the key to your performance marketing success is data, and we put a huge emphasis on tracking, A/B testing, and analytics. We believe that your data is the most valuable marketing resource, and with the right information in hand, we can help you create scalable and repeatable performance marketing campaigns mapped with the right demographic, behavior, and messages.

Wasted ad spending is a significant problem in the marketing industry, but you don’t have to fall victim to it. There’s a lot you can do to ensure you are reaching out to the right audience and converting them with an effective, tailored message.

We're back with our latest new launch, and it's a big one: Performance Marketing. Technically, we've been doing this for more than three years via our sister company, Elixus, but we've reimagined the offering, consolidated our teams to offer a more seamless experience, and relaunched it across all of our markets with a brand new team of industry experts.

Too many businesses are struggling with finding the right data points to act upon and understanding the long-term performance. That’s why Ematic launched a new performance marketing service to help scale your businesses by putting emphasis on data tracking and analytics.

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