Create Ads on Meta, Edited by AI?!

Last May, Meta unveiled an exciting new feature to help businesses craft more captivating content, that’s called The Generative AI Feature. For advertisers, Meta’s knack for tailoring ad campaigns to business needs is nothing new. But this latest innovation takes creative expression to new heights, with AI powering the visual ad creation process.

So, where can you find this game-changing feature? Look no further than Ads Manager, where you’ll discover Advantage+ Creative.

What exactly does this AI assistant bring to the table? It lends a helping hand in three key areas:

  • Background Generation
    Advertisers can now effortlessly match product backgrounds to diverse target audiences, adapting to every need.
  • Image Expansion
    Say goodbye to tedious re-edits! Advertisers can now craft content that seamlessly fits various ratios, from Reels to Feeds, with just a few clicks.
  • Text Variations
    Meta’s AI doesn’t stop at visuals. It can even suggest ad titles and content, learning from your unique messaging style in previous campaigns.


This feature not only streamlines visual ad creation but also significantly cuts down overall campaign production time, boosting productivity to new heights!

Ignatius Restu, a Performance Marketing Consultant from Ematic Solutions, offers a word of caution. While the AI capabilities are truly remarkable, he emphasizes that Digital Marketers must still play an active role in the process. Without careful oversight, there’s a risk that the intended ad message might not be conveyed with 100% accuracy.



Ready to dive in? Hold your horses!
Meta has been testing this feature since late last year in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They plan to roll it out globally in stages before the end of 2024. While there’s no concrete timeline for when Indonesian Meta Business users can take it for a spin, the feature has already landed in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. It seems Indonesia’s turn is just around the corner!

So, what do you think? Eager to give it a try?




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