Klaviyo: Savršeno e-mail rješenje za online prodavnice

Da li ste kompanija koja se bavi online prodajom i tražite novu e-mail platformu? Imamo sjajan prijedlog za vas i nećete imati potrebu da tražite dalje! U pitanju je Klaviyo, i za razliku od drugih e-mail rješenja, oni su marketilnška platforma za automacije koja posebne pogodnosti pruža online trgovcima u vidu unapređenog procesa dostavljanja personalizovanih […]

Klaviyo: The perfect email solution for eCommerce

Klaviyo: The perfect email solution for eCommerce

Are you an eCommerce business looking for a new email platform? We’ve got exactly what you are looking for and the solution is called Klaviyo. Unlike other email solutions, they are a marketing automation platform built explicitly for eCommerce and online merchants to deliver personalized and better journeys for their customers. Klaviyo isn’t the most […]

Iterable pulls down $200M, becomes a Two-nicorn

Hot on the heels of Klaviyo’s recent $320M round, Iterable barks back with a huge round of there own, reportedly coming in at $200M and valuing the business at $2bn. https://iterable.com/blog/our-next-chapter-series-e-funding-announcement/ We’ll need to start formally tracking, but this looks like the 3rd largest round for a messaging platform ever. Klaviyo set the new standard […]

Klaviyo raises monster round ($320M), valued at $9.5b

Well, Klaviyo once again has proven the old axiom: Email Marketing is dead. https://techcrunch.com/2021/05/18/klaviyo-series-d/ That comes hot on the heels of a $200M Series C in November when Ematic Solutions first partnered with them. We think it’s a fantastic product if you’re using an ecommerce platform like Shopify or Big Commerce, but unfortunately most companies […]

Klaviyo lining up to take Bronto customers

After Oracle Netsuite announced the pending demise of Bronto (aside: never name technology after dinosaurs…) Klaviyo is positioning themselves as a good alternative for existing Bronto users: https://www.klaviyo.com/blog/bronto-migration We only ever encountered two Bronto users in 8 years at Ematic, but one of them (Grana) obviously agreed with that recommendation and made the move to […]