Apple Mail is wasting your email marketing spend (and how Ematic fixes it)


If you’re an email marketer, you may have noticed a much higher open rate since the iOS 15 update back in late 2021.  Unfortunately, it’s not that your hooks and one-liners are suddenly capturing a higher number of customers–it’s because of a change in Apple Mail functionality that Apple pushed two years ago.  As of […]

Mastering SEO in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering SEO in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the secrets to SEO success in Malaysia! Dive into our comprehensive guide on ‘Mastering SEO in Malaysia’ and discover the strategies that will propel your website to the top of the search rankings.

New Design Services On The Way

Ematic Gets Creative

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently expanded our capabilities to offer a wide range of design services to complement our existing data-driven optimization disciplines. Many people recognize us for our strong, data-driven, tech-enabled approach to digital marketing. We take pride in holding our ground. However, we understand that in today’s competitive digital world, it’s […]

Ask the experts: Tips for marketing channel optimization

The quest to effective marketing is a never-ending journey. Marketing tactics may vary depending on the company and industry, but one thing that all marketers have in common though, is the desire to improve ROI from their marketing efforts.

Achieving cross-channel marketing synergy

Perfect parts don’t make a perfect whole. By breaking down marketing silos and creating cross-channel synergy, companies can build a stronger brand identity, create a more cohesive and consistent brand experience for customers, avoid duplication of effort and, as a result, achieve a higher return on investment for their marketing efforts.

Why choose Ematic as your Martech buying agent

Ematic: The Martech buying agent

The rapid change of new marketing technology puts businesses in need of reviewing and updating marketing stack more often. In the latest Martech Replacement Survey, 83% of marketers swapped out at least one marketing tool in the past year.

Letter from CEO – An Elixus x Ematic Update

  Dear Elixus Clients, For those who don’t know me, I’m Paul Tenney the Founder and CEO of Ematic Solutions, the parent company of Elixus. Elixus was originally formed as part of Ematic Solutions back in May of 2019, but with its exceptional growth and the rapidly growing demand in digital marketing we made the […]

Is your Martech under-utilized

Is your Martech underutilized

MarTech investments account for around 25% to total marketing budget on average, but marketers report that they utilize only 42% of the capabilities available in their MarTech stack.

Finding the ROI Upside of an Economic Downturn

Finding the ROI Upside of an Economic Downturn

Warning signs of a recession are looming across the world. As consumers adjust their spending to adapt to inflation and higher interest rates, many brands and advertisers are following suit. Inevitably, as a marketer, you will soon face (or already are facing) budget and resource slashes, while being asked to minimize the impact on growth […]