Letter from CEO – An Elixus x Ematic Update

Letter from CEO — Paul Tenney

Dear Elixus Clients,

For those who don’t know me, I’m Paul Tenney the Founder and CEO of Ematic Solutions, the parent company of Elixus. Elixus was originally formed as part of Ematic Solutions back in May of 2019, but with its exceptional growth and the rapidly growing demand in digital marketing we made the decision to spin it out back in late 2019 as its own company and brand. For several years, this model worked very well as it allowed both Ematic and Elixus to focus on what each did best, and operate fairly independently.

That said, as digital marketing and the broader digital ecosystem has continued to evolve, I continued to see an increasing interconnectedness between all things digital, and grew to believe that you simply can’t operate any aspect of digital marketing in isolation anymore.  In light of this, over the past year we’ve been working to integrate Ematic Solutions and Elixus into one business, one operation, and going forward in 2023 we will officially operate as one brand, Ematic Solutions.

We, like many of you, are quite fond of the Elixus brand, and while it’s a bit of a shame to leave it behind, consolidating it into Ematic Solutions allows us to bring Elixus’ value to a much broader reach and presence. Ematic has been in operation since 2013 with its headquarters in Singapore, over 200 employees across the region, offices in 9 markets across Asia with strong local teams spread across all of those markets. We are one of the very few independent agencies able to bring such a strong regional presence to our clients.

Everything you enjoy about Elixus remains the same except the name- our team is still here, the offering remains the same, and our dedication to ensuring the success of your digital marketing remains our driving focus.

With the addition of the Ematic Solutions team though, we will bring a whole new set of capabilities and offerings that can only improve what we’re working on with you today. For those who don’t know Ematic, our company grew up as a CRM-focused business, bringing the deepest arsenal of partnerships in all of Asia, the foremost expertise in the CRM space, and our own technology which has been backed by investors such as Wavemaker, 500 Startups, TNB Aura, Enterprise Singapore and MDI Telkom Indonesia.

Ematic and Elixus have been collaborating over the past year to bring even more technology partnerships and service offerings to the market, and we hope the new combined offering can address your challenges and needs in an even more fundamental way than before, and that the impact we’re able to bring for your business is stronger than ever.

A few key highlights of the kinds of things Ematic Solutions can do that are new to you:

  • Radically restructure your Marketing Technology spend: between our 80+ marketing technology partners and massive aggregate buying power, Ematic can help companies improve both the quality of their marketing technology investment while significantly reducing the overall costs.
  • Engineering and data capabilities: Ematic Solutions has nearly 50 in-house engineers that help our clients build the fully-integrated digital ecosystem of their dreams.
  • New verticals including CRM, CRO, SEO, Ecommerce and Analytics to complement the Social Media, Performance Marketing, Design, Creative and UI/UX offerings of Elixus.


We have been developing and improving the service in this combined fashion for most of 2022, though we’ve maintained separate brands until now, and we do expect that this brand transition should be seamless for our clients.

Through this initiative, we hope to open up more ways of collaboration to you. We can now complement and augment your teams and capabilities aside from only outsourcing.Our goal with the new combined team is to be able to help your business with whatever you need in terms of your digital initiatives, and we’re aware that those priorities can change as things evolve. Particularly heading into 2023, we know a lot of our clients are being asked to do more with less, and that often means there are gaps in your manpower and budgets to do the things you’re being asked to deliver. This is precisely where a partner like Ematic can be the ultimate help, as we can plug nearly any gap you have whether that’s right now or longer term.

We hope this update doesn’t come as too much of a shock to you, and please rest assured that what you love about Elixus isn’t going to change, and we hope that this initiative can help every one of our clients achieve greater success in 2023. I’d also love to hear from you – if you have any questions or feedback, you’re welcome to contact me directly at paul.tenney@ematicsolutions.com. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all more in 2023, so in the meantime Happy New Year from all of us at Ematic and Elixus and we look forward to a prosperous year ahead.