CRM - Campaign Management Services

Augment your CRM
team’s capability to
scale fast with quality

Business Profile

Are you a big company having extensive arms across regions?

You may find yourself in these situations:

Inherent high sending volumes

Manage multiple daily campaigns across countries

Use complicated CRM platforms

New hirings for growth have a difficult time keeping up with current quality standards

Or are you a compact organization with a big passion to grow fast?

You may find yourself in these situations:

Have not got dedicated CRM teams

The current team size cannot handle an increasing workload

Marketers wear multiple hats

Lack of content/design resources to maintain regular campaign creation and distribution

Common problems businesses are suffering

Overall, whichever size your businesses are, a growing CRM team always has to face these issues:

Lack of resources to handle the increasingly laborious campaign management as business grows

Struggle with targeting or content errors that leave a bad impact on your business

Lack of familiarity and expertise with new CRM platforms bought to accelerate growth

What we can do to help

We accelerate your growth with augmented resources and expertise

We don’t quite agree with the first part of this saying “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In fact, at Ematic Solutions, we would love to become your augmented growth engine that goes hand in hand with your in-house squad from campaign start to finish so that we can go fast and far together while maintaining both efficiency and quality.


We’ve got insights and experience with many global tech platforms


We’re just good at it!

Local CRM experts ready to support at your disposal

Knowledge and experience with any CRM platform and several campaign formats

Flexible pricing based on the level of support you need

Strong reputation for bringing success to customers large and small

Our approach

Understand your need

We identify your objectives and current resources challenge so as to put together a plan to leverage our experts for your growth.

Deliver high-quality campaigns on time

With our expertise in both campaign management and tech implementation, we help build and deploy your campaigns on time, ensure consistency, and align them with your brand guideline. 

Cater to your seasonal need with flexible pricing

We are all open to flexibility, especially when it comes to pricing to make sure all your purchase credits can be rolled over to the next month in case they are not fully used in the current period.

More about our services

Campaign oversight & management

• Campaign oversight
• Campaign setup & management
• Marketing calendar management

Targeting & segmentation strategy

• Segmentation recommendation

Data management & personalization

• Prepare targeted segmentation
• Prepare data extension
• Setup data personalization fields

Data management & personalization

• Create marketing calendar sheet
• Manage/update calendar
• Provide recommendation

Let’s start scale up fast with quality