What Actually Happened in The March 2024 Core Update?

The most recent Google algorithm and spam policy updates on 5th March 2024 is one of Google’s constant efforts throughout the years, in refining its algorithms, and policies to ensure that millions of people every day have access to the most useful and high-quality information available. Google’s ongoing efforts are meant to adapt to the growing challenges, including the rapid increase of spam and low-quality content that seeks to manipulate search rankings rather than provide genuine value to users.

Google core update in March 2024 alongside its previous efforts, aims to significantly enhance search result quality and cut down on spammy content by an expected 40%. This shift will have a considerable impact on the digital marketing and SEO landscape, along with content creators, webmasters, and businesses that depend on Google for visibility, traffic, and revenue.

The main highlights of the new Google core update?

  1. Improved Quality of Search Ranking

  1. Enhanced and Updated Measures Against Spam

Improved Quality of Search Ranking

Google’s latest update is a series of algorithmic enhancements to its core ranking systems. The goal of these changes is to prioritize the surfacing of helpful, original content and remove unoriginal, low-quality information in search results. This initiative is a continuation of the efforts initiated in 2022 to dial down on unhelpful content, making strides in ensuring that search results lead to valuable and relevant information. By refining these core ranking systems, Google aims to better recognize the quality of web pages, focusing on those that offer a superior user experience and are genuinely designed for human engagement rather than merely to manipulate search engine rankings. 

Enhanced and Updated Measures Against Spam

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with spammers developing increasingly advanced methods to game the system. Therefore, Google’s comprehensive update to its spam policies aimed at keeping the lowest-quality content out of its search results. This includes Google taking serious measures to discourage expired websites repurposed as spam repositories and obituary spam, among others. 

To address the manipulative behaviors, the enhanced Google spam policy will focus on these three particular areas:

  1. Addressing Scaled Content Abuse

One of the significant challenges in the fight against low-quality content is the use of automation to generate such content at scale. While Google has policies against this practice, technological advancements have blurred the lines between content generated by humans, automation, or a combination of both. In response, Google is strengthening its policies to target not just automated content but any content produced at scale with the primary intention of boosting search rankings, regardless of the method of creation. This includes content that pretends to offer answers to popular searches but ultimately fails to deliver any meaningful information.

  1. Safeguarding Site Reputation Abuse

Another area of concern is site reputation abuse, where reputable sites host low-quality content from third parties, hoping to leverage the host site’s strong reputation for ranking benefits. This can mislead visitors and tarnish the host site’s credibility. Google’s updated policies will now classify such low-value, third-party content as spam, giving site owners a grace period to make necessary adjustments before enforcement begins.

  1. Tackling the Expired Domain Loophole

The practice of purchasing expired domains to repurpose them to boost the search ranking of low-quality content is also under critical observation by Google. Such tactics can mislead users into believing the new content is associated with the domain’s previous reputation, which is often not the case. Under the new policies, this practice will be considered spam, closing yet another loophole exploited by content spammers.

Key pitfalls to avoid with this new Google core update?

If you are one of those who might be impacted by this latest core update and want to ensure that your site weathers this update effectively, be mindful of the following pitfalls which could significantly impact your site’s online presence:

  1. Getting penalties: This can be the consequence of violating Google’s guidelines which may make it harder to recover with each new update.

  1. Losing your site’s credibility: If your content is found to be inaccurate, misleading, or simply low-quality, it will consequently affect Google’s trust in your site.

  1. Losing your site’s ranking: This can be an immediate effect of not aligning with the new update’s emphasis on quality, user experience, and relevant content. 

  1. Your content is categorized in low-quality search results: If Google views the content on your site to be less valuable or less relevant to the users, a high chance is that your site will be pushed down to lower-tier search results which will eventually reduce its visibility. 

  1. Your web pages being marked as spam: Keyword stuffing, or using deceptive redirects could result in your pages being labeled as spam, which will significantly reduce the site’s visibility and traffic. 

What to do next?

Overall, these latest updates represent a significant step forward in this ongoing effort to improve search quality, promising a better, more reliable search experience for users worldwide. However, as Google rolls out these updates, content creators, marketers, and website owners must adapt to these changes, focusing on creating high-quality, original content that genuinely serves the needs and interests of their audience. 

These changes signal the importance of adapting to these evolving standards for anyone involved in creating or promoting content online. Understanding and shifting SEO strategy to avoid the key pitfalls is important to maintain or improve the site’s ranking in the new Google core update.

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