Important Alert on Recruitment Scams

Beware of Recruitment Scams!

We are aware of suspicious individuals and organizations claiming to be recruiters for Ematic Solutions (“Ematic”), falsely using Ematic name, company registration number and logo, and impersonating Ematic’ employees through job postings on different social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp) to reach out to job seekers requesting for money from part-timers, freelancers or hirees in exchange for an alleged job, commission or remuneration. We want to clarify that they are neither affiliated nor associated with Ematic Solutions.

We wish to alert the public that Ematic Solutions will:

NEVER post any job offers using a third party’s name, page or account.
NEVER hire any candidates without conducting a proper physical or virtual interview process and signing a formal written contract with the candidates.
NEVER collect from candidates any recruitment fees, start-up expenses, PIN, password or OTP.
NEVER require any part-timers, hirees, staff, employees or interns to pay, spend, transfer or remit any money to or on behalf of Ematic or another individual, or for any purpose.
NEVER request any person to transfer money to a personal bank account for Ematic. Ematic will only facilitate transactions using Ematic’ official company bank account.
NEVER send emails from email addresses with domains other than

We advise that you do not share any personal information and financial details with anyone that you are suspicious or unsure of. Contact local authorities if you believe you are a victim of any fraudulent activity. If you suspect that you have been contacted by someone impersonating or claiming to be Ematic’ employee or recruiter, please verify with us at


Ematic Solutions email:

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