How We Help Companies Optimize Their ROAS


We’re back with our latest new launch, and it’s a big one: Performance Marketing. Technically, we’ve been doing this for more than three years via our sister company, Elixus, but we’ve reimagined the offering, consolidated our teams to offer a more seamless experience, and relaunched it across all of our markets with a brand new team of industry experts.

Here are some examples for you to explore showing how we’ve helped certain brands transform and optimize their ROI through performance marketing


1. L’occitane

L’Occitane is a popular natural and organic skincare brand and has many retail shops worldwide. They are looking to explore untapped market segments by leveraging online marketing to drive sales to their offline shops.

How we do it:

  • Data-backed audience targeting optimization

We improved the always-on campaign targeting framework. We uploaded the customer-provided offline customer data for online retargeting purposes. By incorporating this audience into the database, we can target these known consumers for specific campaigns with the right message, at the right time. Similarly, we could also run always-on campaigns targeting similar online-only audiences based on the offline customer profile. 

  • Fixed campaign structure to improve scalability

We restructured the campaign funnels adding more detailed campaign levels to deepen our AB testing possibilities. This enabled us to systematically A/B test variations at the campaign level -> ad set level -> creative & messaging level, to keep the most performing ones.

  • Hi-iQ integration

Hi-iQ is a plugin built by us at Ematic Solutions specifically for your email-sending platform (ESP) and is able to identify who are having the highest propensity to engage with your email campaigns. By plugging Hi-iQ into the L’Occitane email channel, we identified highly engaged users who are more likely to make a purchase and fed the audience list into Facebook ads. Then we created a Lookalike audience on Facebook and remarketed products to those users with a higher converting propensity, to improve our overall ROAS.

  • A/B Testing

We implemented a fixed A/B Testing framework with a scalable and flexible structure. One of the key aspects of our testing methodology was to understand the language and messaging that resonated the best with the targeted audience, depending on their segment, funnel level, and product knowledge.

For example, male audiences preferred straight-to-the-point messaging that gave them a quick and easy solution.

For female audiences who were new to the brand, they had to be educated much more and inspired by the different value propositions of different types of products. The winning approach was by utilizing Malay KOLs who had values and beauty routines that resonated well with the audience.

The result?

+100% ROAS | -55% Cost per conversion | +230% footfall in stores

2. Bigpay

Bigpay is one of the largest challenger banks in Malaysia and its e-wallet comes with an accompanying prepaid card that can be used anywhere in the world. One of the main challenges that BigPay faced when scaling up their media budgets was a gradually increasing customer acquisition cost. Ematic was brought in to help scale up BigPay’s media budget whilst maintaining a low & controlled Cost Per Acquisition.

How we do it:

  • Optimization of the tracking

Systematically reviewed all Event Tracking integrations & ensuring that the Custom Audiences were set up correctly. Which enabled us to track which campaigns are the best performing and where to allocate more budget.

  • A/B testing at scale

We introduced an A/B testing framework in order to speed up the content optimization process. With A/B testing we quickly identified the best-performing ad angles along with the best-performing design variations for each and every audience segment keeping their overall acquisition costs low & optimized.

  • Implementation of a funnel campaign structure

Setting up scalable campaign structures across all media buying channels in order to have better budgetary control. We maximized the efficiency of their custom data audiences through a conversion-focused approach. We used video ads to drive awareness, leveraged personalized engagement to drive consideration, and focused on high-value customers for more conversions.

  • A video-focused strategy

Utilized Rich Media Format & Motion Graphics to capture more attention, deliver targeted brand messages and increase the efficiency of driving ad recall, brand impression, and buying an intent lift.

The result?

+70% Conversion | -30% Cost per install | -45% Cost per conversion



We hope the case studies give you more concrete ideas of how we optimize your ad performance. Read more about our new performance marketing service here, or contact us here to explore how we can help your business grow through performance marketing.


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