Introducing Ematic’s New Service: Content Marketing

We know you are looking for ways to give your audience a more engaging content experience across all channels and interfaces. Hence, here we are!

Recently, we collaborated with our sister company, Elixus Agency, to establish a new offering – Content Marketing, with the goal of improving the quality of content online and providing better solutions to help brands expand their businesses. This is truly one of the important components we put together to fuel your marketing performance and enhance your digital marketing ecosystem.

Ematic’s Content Marketing service

Whether you want to build awareness, engagement, conversion or brand loyalty, pretty much everything you do in marketing requires good content. Yet, producing high-quality content and generating content consistently mark the top 2 challenges marketers face today*.

Ematic’s vision is to help you build an integrated digital ecosystem and solve whatever problems and needs you have so that you can keep things moving and growing. Content, in your digital marketing, is like the blood and vessels to pump the whole system. Without it, even a strong body wouldn’t work.

This is the very important reason we bring in top-notch content talents and present this Content Marketing solution for you. We are dedicated to providing you both the content quality to move the needle and the bandwidth to keep up in the game.

What is this service about

We support you to refine your audience persona and tell good stories of your brand in most communication channels you’re on.

Appealing storytelling and visual presentation are the powerful weapons we bring to you, but behind our creative content are solid insights, strategies and performance-driven optimizations to make your content success more than a one-hit wonder.

If you don’t have an in-house team, we can provide a full-suite solution for your content marketing; if you have some internal bandwidth but seek for scaling, we can work with you on the parts where you need the most help with.

What content types do we support

  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Landing page / web copy optimization
  • SEO
  • Motion videos and graphics

What’s special about our content marketing service

There are tons of content agencies, but more often than not they only specialize in one domain. You might have an agency extremely creative at social media marketing, and another that knows SEO principles to write blog content. Although each is good in their own space, they are not able to provide you a cohesive communication strategy and messaging. At Ematic, we are multi-channel experts and through an integrated approach, we eliminate the channel silo to manage the overall content experience with optimum efficiency. 

  • Available for multiple channels: From social media to website copywriting, from blog posts to motion videos, we can help with any format of content creation that fits nicely with the channel’s advantage.
  • Data & insight backed strategy: Making good content can be scientific too! We use data and consumer insight to support creativity, and monitor/review the performance of content in order to formulate more ideas for the next content iteration. 
  • Audience personas in a smarter way: We build personas not only based on demographics but also motivation, psychographics, bizographics, relationship and modality, etc.
  • Video first: Video brings higher engagement with your audience. We embed motion designers in our content team at your disposal whenever you want to turn static content into more interactive videos.

A new service, with a proven record!

We’ve worked with several renowned brands like Decathlon, Paul, KEF, to boost their content performance. We are excited to share more awesomesauce content and some good work we’ve done with you in the following series. Stay tuned!

Can’t wait?

Our Content Marketing service is now at your disposal. Check for more details here and let us do the magic for you!

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