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best shopify apps

With more than 3,000 apps on Shopify, it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right app for your Shopify site, especially when each business unit has different goals. You’ll be glad to know that Ematic Solutions partners with hundreds of Shopify plugins and we can advise you on choosing the right apps, integrating them, and managing that ecosystem. We can help you maximize the full potential of the Shopify platform. Below are some of our favorite partner plugins and why we love them. It’s easy for us to get a partnership going with other Shopify plugins whenever it makes sense for your use case


Building a loyalty program is one of the most underrated tools available to boost sales as 90% of customers tend to participate in a loyalty program, join a membership and visit the same store because of the loyalty points that had accumulated in their account. With a loyalty program, you can reward your loyal customers, build relationships with your top spenders, incentivise repeat purchases, and make your store feel more attractive and modern. 

– LoyaltyLion

Loyalty Lion is a loyalty and customer engagement platform that is used by thousands of Shopify merchants. With Loyalty Lion, you’re able to customize your loyalty program and encourage your customer to visit your site with points and rewards. 

Why we love LoyaltyLion:

LoyaltyLion offers special features such as a customizable design templates that makes it easier for you to create rewards and coupons, set an expiry date for collected points, and an analytics dashboard that helps you to track how many people used the coupon/rewards you provided. 


– Smile.io

Why we love smile.io:

This loyalty program app lets you reward your customer for completing actions, referring new members, and creating a VIP program. Smile.io is an affordable option for Loyalty Program apps with a simple and easy-to-use platform. This solution fits for the customers who just start to build their ecommerce business. 



Social proof tools are usually used by e-commerce stores to display personal recommendations from satisfied customers. With these tools, your website visitors can see references such as showcase product reviews, testimonials and ratings from customers which will help to build trust and drive visitors to purchase your products. 

– Yotpo

With Yotpo, you’re able to collect product reviews, photo reviews, and site reviews and display them on your website. 

Why we love Yotpo:

Using Yotpo is useful for beginner Shopify stores who want to increase credibility and social proof since generating positive reviews can be useful for building more trust, driving more traffic, and boosting conversion. Besides that, Yotpo can also help to increase sales with Yotpo Retention Tools including coupon incentives, email up-sells, cross-sells, and social media activities. Yotpo also allow you to measure the ROI and track purchases from customer made from Yotpo Retention Tools. 


– Okendo

Okendo is a customer marketing platform that helps brands to gather customer reviews and show it on their website, similar to Yotpo. 

Why we love Okendo:

Okendo is partnering with Google Review so that it can help your brand to show the customer review, feedback, and product ratings and push it to Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram to drive qualified shopper traffic. Okendo also integrates with Klaviyo, this integration can extend your email marketing by showing ratings and reviews in your email campaigns. 



Growing your marketing list and converting your traffic will help you to increase the percentage of conversions on your website. Optimonk will help to grab your visitors’ attention by showing popup messages at the right moment. 

– Optimonk

If you want to grow your Shopify store and convert your website visitor into a subscriber, you can create pop-ups for your website and email to help you with Optimonk. Optimonk allows you to easily create stunning and highest converting pop-ups and show the right messages to the right people. 

Why we love Optimonk: Optimonk is easy to set up and has the ability to create coupons with over 300 mobile-friendly templates. You can also set up several popup types such as popup, side message, sticky bar, full screen, survey, gamification pop ups, teasers. 



By adding marketing automation tools to your e-commerce store, you can create automated campaigns and deliver them to a group of subscribers on a schedule of your choosing. Having marketing automation for your e-commerce store helps you to personalize communication with your audiences and save time by setting up an automated email campaign. 

– Klaviyo

If you’re looking to create eye-catching, targeted emails to engage with your audience, Klaviyo is one of the leading solutions for email marketing services on Shopify. It integrates with over 100 tools and includes all the must-haves such as pre-built templates, customized flows, and ROI- based analysis of your email campaigns performance.

Why we love Klaviyo:

Klaviyo is built for e-commerce platforms so they have seamless integration with Shopify. With this seamless integration, Klaviyo users can sync all of their historical data in real teams with 200+ Shopify plugins. That is why, Klaviyo is really popular and is used by over 65,000 merchants on Shopify. 


– Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular Email Sending Platform (ESP) that also has integration to Shopify users now. 

Why we love Mailchimp:

Mailchimp’s interface suits small-medium businesses that can help to custom or pre-built segments, create personalized email and automations. 



Most e-commerce brands use and set up a Helpdesk tool to handle their customer service and help to solve customers’ problems on one platform. When we’re talking about customer service tools that can easily integrate with your Shopify store, there’s several plugins but check this one:

– Gorgias

Gorgias is help desk software that helps e-commerce merchants to provide faster service. This can help your customer service team to manage all of their communication with consumers on different channels like Facebook, email, chat or SMS in one place. In addition, Gorgias can also be useful to reply to messages on those channels automatically and help to provide faster and better experience for your customers.

Why we love Gorgias:

you no longer need to use different tools for each communication channel, you can unify all of your customer service communication across multiple channels with Gorgias. 



Building your mobile apps and syncing them with your ecommerce store is no longer difficult because we’re partnering with Shopify plugins that can make it happen. 

– Tapcart

Tapcart is a platform used to create and launch mobile apps for Shopify merchants.Build your mobile apps in hours with no coding requirement. 

Why we love Tapcart:

They seamlessly sync with your Shopify store and all of your favorite plugins in real time. 



As we’re partnering with Shopify and most of Shopify plugins, we can help you to build your Shopify ecosystem with the best product that can help your Shopify store to grow. We also will help to ensure all of your platforms will be fully integrated. Read more about our Shopify service here, or contact us to discuss how we can help build your integrated digital ecosystem.

best shopify apps

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