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You may know that Southeast Asia is the fastest growing ecommerce market in the world and to be able to compete it requires you to have the right technology, platform, and tools. Here in Ematic, we believe that technology shouldn’t hold you back.

Our mission is to build fully-integrated digital ecosystems, and for anyone doing Ecommerce, that is all going to start with their ecommerce platform. By offering Shopify services, we can quickly build that fully integrated ecosystem for our customers.


Post the COVID-19 pandemic, people are likely to continue shopping online. However, with this condition, not many businesses are aware that competition will be tougher, especially in the e-commerce industry. Many things are missed and there is a lot of potential that businesses can do to be able to compete. Not only from the development of the e-commerce platform itself, but also from the tech stack that will leverage the full potential of the e-commerce platform

That’s where Shopify and Ematic see the same pain point for businesses in Southeast Asia. Shopify has expanded their business to focus on helping businesses in Southeast Asia. And to make that happen successfully, Shopify asked Ematic to be their partner in Southeast Asia.

We’re completely unique in Southeast Asia and we’re the only shop that can both build Shopify platforms and know the whole rest of the ecosystem. We can help leverage the full power of your ecommerce through Shopify by building the entire ecosystem of products and technologies plugged into Shopify.


You might struggle to find which are the best tools or technology that suit your business needs, or you aren’t able to readily implement/manage them due to the specialized knowledge required.
Don’t worry Ematic is here to help. We can help you along your journey, since we have partnership with most of their key apps. We can consult you on choosing the right apps, integrating them, and managing that whole ecosystem. We can help you get the real value of the platform, which is extending the Ecommerce site to build a fully integrated digital ecosystem.


Focusing on the platform itself to grow your business is not enough. You need a winning strategy that gives equal weight to platform, tools and broader digital landscape.

This is why Ematic is combining our strength in marketing and technology to introduce you to our new Shopify service. It’s time to build your fully integrated digital ecosystem with Ematic.

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Ematic Solutions Shopify Service

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