Advantages of Shopify – 5 Reasons Why We love Shopify

advantages of shopify

There is a large number of ecommerce platforms available to merchants and one of the most popular is Shopify. Shopify is one of the most scalable, feature-rich and fastest growing ecommerce platforms that exists. Over one million ecommerce stores in 175 countries of all shapes and sizes trust the Shopify platform. From young new start ups all the way to enterprise brands online stores are all powered by the platform. Here are the reasons why we love Shopify and why you should go with Shopify for your ecommerce platform.

Build your Fully Integrated Digital ecosystem with Ematic & Shopify

Ematic Solutions Shopify Service

Ematic is completely unique in Southeast Asia and we’re the only shop that can both build Shopify platforms and know the whole rest of the ecosystem. We can help leverage the full power of your ecommerce through Shopify by building the entire ecosystem of products and technologies plugged into Shopify.

Introducing Ematic’s New Shopify Service

When you get Shopify from Ematic, we can help you end-to-end throughout your business journey. You can treat us as your extended ecommerce team. We can help from the development of your ecommerce platform, managing the platform to assist you in finding the right stack of tools & technology. We can help you to best utilize the tools and expand the capability of your platform with our tech & marketing expertise.

Navigating Google Analytics 4 Reporting

Does it occur to you that online competition is getting fierce, and it’s harder to sustain a good profit from just relying on ads to bring customers? Let us introduce you how Ematic’s new SEO service can help.

VWO and Ematic Solutions Partner to Raise the Bar in CRO for APAC

VWO, the experimentation platform used by fast-growing brands the world over, recently announced a partnership with Ematic Solutions, a marketing and technology consultancy that helps businesses adopt the right technology mix for their marketing efforts. This partnership is positioned to impact brands in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bosnia and Herzegovina; all markets where Ematic Solutions currently operates. The full-funnel marketing concept has only started to become popular in APAC over the past few years. Although a lot of businesses are still acquisition-focused, more and more far-sighted businesses are adopting data-driven growth methodologies. These companies have also started looking at ‘excellent digital experience’ as a differentiator to their competitors. VWO’s robust experimentation platform combined with Ematic’s local customer success and engineering support is set to help fast-growing Asian businesses experiment better, adopt top-notch martech tools, and in turn generate higher returns on investment. With VWO as a partner, Ematic Solutions hopes to provide a powerful weapon to its customers to optimize their end-to-end user journey and bring better results to their bottom lines. The biggest pain point in CRO that APAC businesses face is the lack of proper tools to easily conduct experiments. For every hypothesis or idea, it can take weeks or even months for testing due to the high dependency on IT. With VWO, businesses can now generate insights, build effective hypotheses, run tests quicker, and deploy much more easily than before. “VWO provides the best-in-class CRO solution that makes insight discovery and experiments super easy. We believe it is a strong addition to our martech offerings and through the partnership, we can help APAC businesses build a robust, future-proof martech stack to support their growth.”, says Brenda Tan, Head of Partnership, Ematic Solutions. Ematic Solutions was built with a mission to extract real value from digital marketing for companies large and small. The company believes in an innovative approach to the way marketing technology can deliver results. With more than 70 partners across multiple marketing disciplines, they are strategically well-placed to help businesses find and adopt the best solution based on their needs. For VWO, this partnership strengthens its position as a leading CRO solutions provider in the APAC region. With a product suite that caters to every requirement of effective experimentation – from visitor behavior insights to validating the CRO roadmap through testing – the company is adding further impetus to Ematic’s vision of helping clients drive more value from their marketing endeavors. “We’re very happy to have Ematic solutions as our strategic partner. Their experience and expertise will enable us to provide better local support in the APAC region. It will also strengthen our prospects to establish ourselves as the leading experimentation platform for Asian businesses looking at expanding their horizons in conversion optimization. When a well-known and respected consultancy like Ematic Solutions recommends VWO as an essential addition to the technology mix, it does wonders for our brand. “, says Sparsh Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Wingify (makers of VWO). About Ematic Solutions Ematic Solutions offers technology solutions and professional services in both strategy and execution and everything combined to fuel full-funnel growth and product marketing. The company follows a data-driven, pragmatic approach to deliver positive ROI to more than 300 clients and is deeply connected in the martech ecosystem. Not only does the company help businesses to adopt the right technologies for their marketing endeavors, but also leverages this expertise to offer end-to-end services to tackle broader digital marketing problems and help businesses expand their resources and capabilities. About VWO VWO helps more than 2500 brands create and deliver digital experiences loved by their customers. It is a connected platform that offers insights into visitor behavior, planning, A/B testing capabilities, and easy deployment of changes – all within the same environment – to empower businesses to improve conversions across the entire customer journey. Conversion rate optimization experts in more than 90 countries trust VWO to perform data-driven A/B testing on their products and apps.

UA vs GA4 – What are the Key Differences

What are the fundamental differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 that can affect your day-to-day tracking strategies? We do acknowledge that anything related to data collection, integration, and analysis is in fact very complicated, so we here at Ematic Solutions are always open for any discussion

Introducing Ematic’s new GA4 service

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) in 2023 and will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Let us be your helping hand to accelerate your migration to GA4.

A holistic SEO checklist for 2022

SEO is far beyond just writing content with keywords we think our potential customers may fill in those little search bars in different search engines. It encompasses a whole range of different audits, analyses, and actionable plans. But not as complicated as it may sound, the process can be divided into 6 steps, each of which has a different set of checklists that we can easily follow.  Ematic has compiled those checklists below for you to have a quick look at your current SEO. In each of the steps, we also note some of the things (if any) that we do differently compared to other SEO agencies in the market. You can also contact us so that we can guide you through our own steps in a more in-depth session. Download the checklist here. Competitor Review In fact, prior to this step, the first thing we need to do is to look at ourselves in general. Some questions we may ask include: what our strategy towards SEO is, what our target market is, how we are doing with our website, whether or not some of the popular keywords related to our products/services show up in search engines, etc… Although detailed analyses of our own SEO performance will be incorporated into later steps, this quick check will probably give us a rough idea of our current state and hopefully help us set some expectations for the project. There is an old saying that goes: “He who sees through life and death will meet most success.” Indeed, when we can identify our competitors, what they have been doing, and where they are standing right now in the market, we can choose to follow best practices or decide to go our own way for differentiation.  Doing competitor analysis is one of the best ways to identify customer insights through keyword research. This also helps us figure out what functions on their websites may bring the most value to their (and our) customers. The more information we obtain, the more options we have when we think about our strategy to compete. All in all, there surely is a reason why our competitors showed up in the top search results, right? At Ematic, the first thing we do when it comes to SEO is to conduct thorough research on potential competitors. Below are some headings that you can choose to follow for your own quick competitor check. What to do Research product/service categories of the competitors Research competitors’ main keywords Identify their organic search volume in the latest months Identify their organic search volume growth history Research their customer insights Identify their useful website features Technical Audit A website is a place where we showcase our products/services, direct our customer journeys, pin featured offerings, display sale promotions, or collect customer info from sign-up forms. Needless to say, it is the single most important asset for those who rely on websites to sell. As a result, helping search engines understand our products/services and customers is crucial. Only then, search engines can know who our potential customers are and suggest our website to match with their searched keywords.   The list below suggests several aspects you can look into when it comes to optimizing your website for better search engine optimization. What to do Consolidate duplicate URLs URL structure Breadcrumb XML sitemap Robots.txt Robots meta tags Page 404 error Schema YMYL & EAT Core web vitals – page speed score Keyword & Content Planning Search engines were born for users to get answers to various problems in their lives. Therefore, we need to figure out exactly what problems our target audience is currently having; from that, create content that helps them identify and solve their problems through using or buying our products or services.  One important thing to note is that when building content, we must first focus on bringing the RIGHT and VALUABLE information to our customers, rather than the length of the article. Even though word count is one criterion Google uses to evaluate website content, this should be the last step for optimization and improvement to meet the guideline, rather than the initial focus when starting to draft our pieces of content.  Also, tactics to fool Google’s algorithm may bring short-term success. However, in the long run in case Google updates or changes its evaluation criteria (which is the thing Google does quite often), content that lacks insights into helping customers solve their problems will surely become useless and fall out of the top positions.  Besides the mentioned issues, below are the steps you can follow for your keyword & content planning phase: What to do Identify keywords gap with competitors Conduct content overview (pay attention to thin content and duplicate content) Prepare content guidelines & SERP insights Prepare keyword list & suggested topics Do content writing Conduct website content monitoring On-page Optimization “How much traffic does our website have?” – This is a very easy question since we can check it every day on Google Analytics. Now, let’s tweak it a little bit: “How many landing pages on our website bring in that amount of traffic?” – This is tough, right? On average, only 5% of the landing pages on our website bring in 80% of the total traffic. The other 20% is brought in through another 25% of the landing pages. This indicates that a noticeable number of landing pages (70%) contribute 0 traffic to the website! As a result, continuously conducting on-page optimization is a must to make sure we keep bringing a good amount of traffic to our ecosystem.  The principle of this phase is, therefore, to identify potential keywords and populate them in relevant articles. At Ematic, we have a special approach in this step for better management and optimization, but you can take the checklist below as the starting point.   What to do Optimize heading & outline Add keywords in the page title & meta description Add potential keywords & paragraph Add Internal links Add Images Off-page Optimization An

Ematic’s Approach to SEO: Technical and Marketing Overall Focused

Asia currently accounts for more than half of the global internet users while continuously leading the world in economic growth. This makes building a strong online presence a must for any business. However, gone are the days of the money game when more ad spending means more awareness and conversion. The immediate impact of the Covid-19 crisis has dramatically cut down marketing expenses (as a proportion of revenue), well from an average of 11% to 6.4% in 2021. Also, social media advertising is becoming more and more expensive with skyrocketing CPAs (cost per acquisition) that gradually draw marketers away from this used-to-be gold mine that once brought in a stable and profitable flow of online traffic. As a result, CMOs start paying serious attention to a more ROI-secured set of channels, one of which is SEO.