VWO and Ematic Solutions Partner to Raise the Bar in CRO for APAC

VWO, the experimentation platform used by fast-growing brands the world over, recently announced a partnership with Ematic Solutions, a marketing and technology consultancy that helps businesses adopt the right technology mix for their marketing efforts.

This partnership is positioned to impact brands in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bosnia and Herzegovina; all markets where Ematic Solutions currently operates.

The full-funnel marketing concept has only started to become popular in APAC over the past few years. Although a lot of businesses are still acquisition-focused, more and more far-sighted businesses are adopting data-driven growth methodologies. These companies have also started looking at ‘excellent digital experience’ as a differentiator to their competitors.

VWO’s robust experimentation platform combined with Ematic’s local customer success and engineering support is set to help fast-growing Asian businesses experiment better, adopt top-notch martech tools, and in turn generate higher returns on investment.

With VWO as a partner, Ematic Solutions hopes to provide a powerful weapon to its customers to optimize their end-to-end user journey and bring better results to their bottom lines. The biggest pain point in CRO that APAC businesses face is the lack of proper tools to easily conduct experiments. For every hypothesis or idea, it can take weeks or even months for testing due to the high dependency on IT. With VWO, businesses can now generate insights, build effective hypotheses, run tests quicker, and deploy much more easily than before.

“VWO provides the best-in-class CRO solution that makes insight discovery and experiments super easy. We believe it is a strong addition to our martech offerings and through the partnership, we can help APAC businesses build a robust, future-proof martech stack to support their growth.”, says Brenda Tan, Head of Partnership, Ematic Solutions.

Ematic Solutions was built with a mission to extract real value from digital marketing for companies large and small. The company believes in an innovative approach to the way marketing technology can deliver results. With more than 70 partners across multiple marketing disciplines, they are strategically well-placed to help businesses find and adopt the best solution based on their needs.

For VWO, this partnership strengthens its position as a leading CRO solutions provider in the APAC region. With a product suite that caters to every requirement of effective experimentation – from visitor behavior insights to validating the CRO roadmap through testing – the company is adding further impetus to Ematic’s vision of helping clients drive more value from their marketing endeavors.

“We’re very happy to have Ematic solutions as our strategic partner. Their experience and expertise will enable us to provide better local support in the APAC region. It will also strengthen our prospects to establish ourselves as the leading experimentation platform for Asian businesses looking at expanding their horizons in conversion optimization. When a well-known and respected consultancy like Ematic Solutions recommends VWO as an essential addition to the technology mix, it does wonders for our brand. “, says Sparsh Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Wingify (makers of VWO).

About Ematic Solutions

Ematic Solutions offers technology solutions and professional services in both strategy and execution and everything combined to fuel full-funnel growth and product marketing. The company follows a data-driven, pragmatic approach to deliver positive ROI to more than 300 clients and is deeply connected in the martech ecosystem. Not only does the company help businesses to adopt the right technologies for their marketing endeavors, but also leverages this expertise to offer end-to-end services to tackle broader digital marketing problems and help businesses expand their resources and capabilities.

About VWO

VWO helps more than 2500 brands create and deliver digital experiences loved by their customers. It is a connected platform that offers insights into visitor behavior, planning, A/B testing capabilities, and easy deployment of changes – all within the same environment – to empower businesses to improve conversions across the entire customer journey. Conversion rate optimization experts in more than 90 countries trust VWO to perform data-driven A/B testing on their products and apps.


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