Ematic’s Approach to SEO: Technical and Marketing Overall Focused

Asia currently accounts for more than half of the global internet users while continuously leading the world in economic growth. This makes building a strong online presence a must for any business. However, gone are the days of the money game when more ad spending means more awareness and conversion. The immediate impact of the Covid-19 crisis has dramatically cut down marketing expenses (as a proportion of revenue), well from an average of 11% to 6.4% in 2021. Also, social media advertising is becoming more and more expensive with skyrocketing CPAs (cost per acquisition) that gradually draw marketers away from this used-to-be gold mine that once brought in a stable and profitable flow of online traffic. As a result, CMOs start paying serious attention to a more ROI-secured set of channels, one of which is SEO.

Despite being a high ROI source of growth (just like email marketing), SEO is far more difficult to execute and manage properly compared to other channels like Facebook and paid ads. In fact, most marketers have already understood that SEO is way beyond just well-published content with searchable keywords, but those things beneath the surface involving technical knowledge and skills create hurdles for them to dig deeper. 

That’s why Ematic Solutions is here to help bridge the gap between marketing and technology. Let’s explore our approach to SEO service as follows.


Ematic focuses first on technical SEO

“If you have the best content in the world and your page is set to “no-index”, nobody will ever find it on Google.” That saying highlights the importance of technical SEO as it is indeed a doorway to show up on search engines. At Ematic, we will ensure that all of your pages are properly indexed. 

Besides indexability, we also pay serious attention to crawlability (making pages readily available for search engines bots to scan) and user experience (making on-page content easily accessible by humans). There may be a lot of specialists out there who can do great technical SEO yet their deliverables, although bots-friendly, are not easily consumable by humans. We, instead, take a more balanced approach to make sure we are sold not only to search engines but also to your beloved customers.

There are a dozen other technical SEO domains that we also leave our footprints on, including on-page / off-page optimization and keyword research. Our 3 bullseyes for these are (1) ranking, (2) profitable keywords, and (3) page quality involving E.T.A (Expertise, Trustworthiness, Authoritativeness) and Y.M.Y.L (Your Life Your Money), especially for pages identified with these standards by Google. 

Overall, we believe that great impacts come from solid foundations and technical SEO is an essential aspect that is worth investment and continuous optimization.


We treat SEO as part of a bigger digital landscape

That being said, we don’t limit our vision to just SEO per se. Ten years ago, we were built as an email marketing consultancy and through time spent with our customers, we found that email was just one of the many digital marketing challenges they were facing. That was the time we started endeavoring to equip ourselves with cross-channel knowledge to help our customers solve more holistic problems that drive bigger results. We will continue to embrace this approach with our new SEO service.

One example: web optimization is not only one big part of SEO but also a major, if not the most important, part of the whole marketing process. More often than not, it is the website that acts as the final destination that other marketing channels pour into. Therefore, a well-structured website not only is more likely to be found on search engines, but also can contain, nurture, and endure good traffic from other sources. The more good traffic a website receives, the better it will again be helpful on the SEO side. Our approach is that when we do anything related to SEO, we will aim further to make sure how it contributes to your greater marketing ecosystem, hence, guaranteeing long-term looping success.

When we say we don’t look at SEO in isolation, we mean to understand how to orchestrate it with other marketing channels. If you have a bigger and more marketing strategic demand, we can equip you with more advanced marketing stacks, which are our biggest strength in the market over the last 10 years. From there, you can see clearly how we bring in traffic using SEO; nurture and convert them through website optimization, messaging and push platforms; or even better manage and maintain effective communication through CDP and marketing automation. 

SEO is a key component of the overall equation. When it’s done properly, it can significantly reduce pressure on the paid channels and can improve the overall ROI of your entire ecosystem to allow faster growth at a lower cost.

Now, back to the secular question: where’s the money? This question is even more stressful in the time of the Covid-19 crisis recovery, but here’s what we think: SEO is a key component of the overall equation. When it’s done properly, it can significantly reduce pressure on the paid channels and can improve the overall ROI of your entire ecosystem to allow faster growth at a lower cost. Also, SEO is different from paid ads. Although paid ads are still the fastest way to reach the mass audience whenever you have big campaigns coming up, you are more likely to end up seeing your traffic stop when the money stops. Traffic from SEO, on the other hand, can be stable even after your big initial investment (of course with frequent optimization). That’s when you can start moving your budget to a bolder Martech strategy without worrying about it affecting your current traffic performance. 

We are so excited to discuss with you more about SEO and the journey to long-term success in digital. Contact us to start talk about your SEO or learn more about our SEO service.


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