Advantages of Shopify – 5 Reasons Why We love Shopify

advantages of shopify

There is a large number of ecommerce platforms available to merchants and one of the most popular is Shopify. Shopify is one of the most scalable, feature-rich and fastest growing ecommerce platforms that exists. Over one million ecommerce stores in 175 countries of all shapes and sizes trust the Shopify platform. From young new start ups all the way to enterprise brands online stores are all powered by the platform.

Here are the reasons why we love Shopify and why you should go with Shopify for your ecommerce platform.


Plug and Play Simplicity

Shopify is pretty straightforward to use – it’s got a clean, intuitive interface and provides a generally good user experience. In common with many other contemporary content management systems, a menu on the left allows you to access features or content, which you can then customize or edit on the right.
Shopify not only centralizes entire commerce businesses but also offers access to the widest set of commerce ecosystem integrations built using a shared technical framework. This deep integration and access ensures we have breadth and depth of themes, apps, channels, surfaces, products and experiences. All with just a simple plug and play integration.


Eliminate unnecessary Engineering

Shopify has a huge number of features, but it is logically structured. Setting up an online store is not really complicated. Designing and arranging elements can be done with a live preview in the backend. Got some web development experience under your belt? Don’t fret! Shopify lets you edit your theme code and easily make detailed changes to your online store.


Speed up your time to market

Shopify is very easy, it’s almost like putting Lego together. No coding experience required and it means that it is also very quick to set up and get running. 

Here in Ematic, we are more focused on the growth of your ecommerce channel, hence we try to keep costs for implementation lower, focus on speed and time to market, and with the intent of building a long term partnership with our customers to help drive high-ROI growth


It is more than just a platform – It’s an Ecosystem

Imagine an appstore for your ecommerce platform. Shopify houses the broadest technology ecosystem with its app store – giving you access to thousands of applications with additional features. We’ve tried and tested the best software from the best technical teams to deliver features in the most cost efficient and feature-rich way. Anything you can dream up, there’s an app that can help make it a reality. You’ll find the most cutting-edge tools to grow your business in the App Store, whether it’s the latest email marketing app or the hottest new social media network’s ad tools.


Shopify is built to scale with you

No matter your technical maturity, growth, size, complexity, location—you will never lack access to technology and features to build your business, and you will never outgrow Shopify as your needs change, scale or evolve.


Get Shopify from Ematic

Shopify isn’t just a piece of software or a singular product—it’s an all-in-one ecommerce platform. More than that, it’s a rich ecosystem that creates value for your business with its app integration. 

When you get Shopify from Ematic, we can help you end-to-end throughout your business journey. We can help from the development of your ecommerce platform, managing the platform to assist you in finding the right stack of tools to enhance your e-commerce business, be it email marketing, CRM, customer loyalty etc.

If you’re looking for the best solutions to maximize the potential of your ecommerce platform, look no further as Ematic just launched a new Shopify Service. Click here to learn more about our service. or Contact us directly to discuss how to build your fully integrated digital ecosystem with Ematic.

advantages of shopify

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