Get Shopify via Ematic

When you are running an e-commerce business, trying to choose various solutions to fulfill each different need, from sales and marketing to customer service is a challenge. Having a best-of-breed platform that can literally do everything in one system will indeed be a life-saver. Shopify, with its massive network of app partners in its ecosystem, combined with the ease of app integration, is without a doubt, your best choice. 

Shopify offers a myriad of features and functionalities, so your next question should be, how to leverage its vast ecosystem. You always can go it alone, but ideally, need a hand of agency to optimize your build. However, 99% of Shopify agencies only focus on helping you design and develop a website, but you can’t stop there. With Ematic, we can help you get the real value of the platform, which is extending the Ecommerce site to build a fully integrated digital ecosystem. We all know today’s Ecommerce business is not just about building a store, but it’s also essential to acquire customers, build relationships and deliver the best customer experience possible. The true power of Shopify is that you can achieve all these goals by leveraging the massive Shopify App Marketplace.

Why do you need to get Shopify via Ematic?

With Ematic, we can help you with your full end-to-end setup and maximize the ecosystem of apps that surround Shopify. We not only help you develop or migrate your website, but where we add tremendous value, is leveraging the full Shopify App Marketplace as we have partnerships and experience with all of the best products. 

As you newly embark on your Shopify journey, you might be a bit overwhelmed over how to leverage them, or what to choose. Need not worry! With our years of experience in digital marketing, we can help you to use Shopify with the right integration and build strategy to optimize Shopify’s capabilities in digital marketing aspects.

We can help with

  • Shopify Development & Migration
  • Shopify Platform Management
  • 3rd Party App Integration & Management
  • and more…


We are confident when we say that we can help make your end-to-end business journey from acquisition, conversion to retention. As a plenty of digital marketing aspects that are so essential for you to explore, we have a full suite of digital services to drive your revenue and ROI growth:

  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • CRM
  • CRO
  • Performance Marketing
  • SEO

Are you ready to supercharge your e-commerce business with Shopify and Ematic? We are here for you. Let’s talk in person about how to grow your Ecommerce business, or learn more about our service if you are interested.


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