How We Do Performance Marketing

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Why do you need performance marketing for your business

Performance marketing plays an important role in today’s digital marketing for being one of the most effective ways to find the right audience, build awareness and bring more sales to your website. What’s even loved by digital marketers, it is all trackable and measurable, and you only pay when the required goal is achieved.

Despite all the benefits, simply doing performance marketing is not a guarantee of success. You’ll need to build the right strategy around using the right data, channel characteristics, and advertising tactics to make every penny spent worthy.

For some companies, it is not as easy as it sounds. Online advertising has become more and more intense. The knowledge and expertise you need to develop a winning strategy that beats the competition can be overwhelming.

Some businesses seek help from performance marketing agencies, yet only after a while realize that they’ve spent a lot of money to create fantastic engagement on the ads but the actual conversion doesn’t pay off. Even worse, those agencies only give you a high-level report which barely provides insights for further optimization. Some common complaints we heard over the time include:

  • Although the budget is used, the ad campaigns are underperforming
  • The agency only deploys basic and buggy tracking, which prevents us from understanding the real conversion & ROI
  • The agency gives very high-level reporting, and it’s hard to drill down to find out what’s wrong
  • The differentiation of a good and a bad digital marketing agency is in their depth of knowledge in managing data setting up tracking correctly, and implementing a complete full-funnel, cross-channel strategy.


Introducing Ematic’s performance marketing service

At Ematic, we acknowledge the key to your performance marketing success is data, and we put a huge emphasis on tracking, A/B testing, and analytics. We believe that your data is the most valuable marketing resource, and with the right information in hand, we can help you create scalable and repeatable performance marketing campaigns mapped with the right demographic, behavior, and messages.


Our approach

We assure you each step of your performance marketing journey is well-optimized from awareness to conversion. Instead of doing traditional agency methods, we’re doing agile growth marketing to gain success in the performance marketing journey. Our performance optimization methodology ensures that your digital ads always operate at maximum efficiency and are continually optimized to maximize your ROI and achieve your business goals.

We can help you with:

  • Full-funnel strategy
    We ensure to maximize the essentials of every funnel set-up by optimizing each step of the customer journey from discovery to repurchase. We implement a full-funnel strategy from discovery to repurchase while keeping a nice balance of broadening the upper funnel and maintaining efficient down-funnel conversion.
  • Data tracking and first-party data utilization
    Data accuracy and utilization are at the core of our performance marketing. Before running any campaign, we’ll make sure your website/ app user data is tracked and logged, your Pixels and Google Tag Manager are properly integrated and correct data is flowing throughout the ecosystem to allow us to optimize the performance. We’ll always ensure everything is tracked, it will be helpful for you to define the right target audience and also lead you to get a positive ROAS.
  • Full A/B testing
    In that case, we will systematically do A/B test variations at the campaign level/ad set level / creative & messaging level to find out what works best for your brand, so that we can keep bringing down the acquisition cost.
  • In-depth reporting
    We provide customized dashboards where you can monitor, segment, or deep dive data any time flexibly and we host regular weekly/monthly reporting to walk you through the insights, findings, and next steps.


We’re willing to help you speed up your business journey and tackle every problem with agility in performance marketing that leads you to success. Check our new performance marketing service here, or contact us directly to discuss your business needs.

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