Breaking the Curse: How to stop being haunted by email fatigue

If you are a Marketer and have been using Email Marketing as one of your retention channels, you’d probably heard about “email fatigue” before. Email fatigue is real and is a huge issue when doesn’t matter how well-optimized your email content is, performance keeps on decreasing over time.

So what is Email Fatigue? What makes our emails “fatigue”? What are the best ways to avoid it? 

As an expert who has been working in the Email Marketing & Marketing Technology field for over 12 years now, Our Founder – Paul Tenney shared his views about the issue in the Webinar hosted on Pathwire’s Event. Watch the full webinar here: 

Here are four main takeaways from the Webinar: 

If the fatigue occurs as a result of time functions, it suggests that newer subscribers are superior to older ones. To improve performance, shift the dynamic as much as possible in favor of new subscribers.

Ensure that your customer database is engaged in receiving your email blasts on a regular basis. Three times a week is recommended for people in the e-commerce industry. The causes are as follows: ensuring that you make the most of the data you have, deliverability – if you have a deliverability problem, all of the dynamic blocks will be reset after 24-72 hours, reputation – more frequent mailers get better reputation because they are consistent in term of the email sending volume.

Give people some time off if they aren’t engaging as their tendency to respond to future emails will increase over time. What you don’t want to do is cut them off because you’ll lose a lot of top-line performance.

Email marketing automation is a completely paradoxical concept. People, for the most part, spend more money creating journeys than they do making money from them. However, abandoned cart emails allow you to pull conversion from that leaky bucket before they leaked out without having to blast them a lot of emails, which will drive more fatigue and lower your open and click rates over time. As a result, the real value of email marketing automation is to reduce the dependency of a blast email.

Ematic Solutions has built a plugin called Hi-iQ that automatically manages fatigues and addresses them systematically. You DON’T need to pay for it until it saves you some money. If you’re interested in a Hi-iQ trial, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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