Apple Mail is wasting your email marketing spend (and how Ematic fixes it)


If you’re an email marketer, you may have noticed a much higher open rate since the iOS 15 update back in late 2021.  Unfortunately, it’s not that your hooks and one-liners are suddenly capturing a higher number of customers–it’s because of a change in Apple Mail functionality that Apple pushed two years ago.  As of […]

Breaking the Curse: How to stop being haunted by email fatigue

If you are a Marketer and have been using Email Marketing as one of your retention channels, you’d probably heard about “email fatigue” before. Email fatigue is real and is a huge issue when doesn’t matter how well-optimized your email content is, performance keeps on decreasing over time. So what is Email Fatigue? What makes […]

Holiday Season 2021: The Ultimate Marketing Guide

The Holiday Season is coming up – this time of year is the Highest performing Quarter for E-commerce businesses. Consumers are in a great mood and are ready to shop. As people take time off, digital activity hits all time highs. This year, with so much uncertainty due to Covid 19, marketers are wondering how […]


Ako ste u potrazi za novim marketinškim tehnologijama, pametan potez bi bio da kontaktirate sa Ematic Solutions-om. Bez posebne naknade, cijeli jedan tim će vam se pridružiti kao agent kupovine i pomoći vam da razmotrite najpogodnije opcije, ugovorite najbolje cijene, osiguraće da dobijete najbolje proizvode po najboljim cijenama svaki put. Naši timovi su lokalni i […]

Poruka našeg osnivača: Novi koncept Ematic Solutions-a

Kad pogledamo unazad osam godina, koliko već postoji Ematic, i na hiljade ljudi među kojima su zaposleni, klijenti, investitori, partneri i prodavci iz devet zemalja u kojima poslujemo – moram reći da sam vrlo ponosan na naša postignuća, ali i svjestan da smo daleko od kraja misije. Smatram da je najveća lekcija koju smo izvukli […]

Iterable pulls down $200M, becomes a Two-nicorn

Hot on the heels of Klaviyo’s recent $320M round, Iterable barks back with a huge round of there own, reportedly coming in at $200M and valuing the business at $2bn. We’ll need to start formally tracking, but this looks like the 3rd largest round for a messaging platform ever. Klaviyo set the new standard […]