Reimagine marketing automation with Ematic

We are excited to share some really good news – announcing Ematic’s new marketing automation services to help businesses implement, accelerate and optimize their customer journeys, workflows and cross-channel messaging capabilities.

What is the service about?

Although marketing automation is meant to help simplify the process, setting it up properly might be more complicated than one would expect. To deliver the right content to the right person at the right time requires a matrix of domain expertises from business, marketing, data, design to operation intersecting each other. For many businesses, it is a significant undertaking to get everything in place.

Therefore we are offering a set of new services to complement your marketing automation needs. We bring essential expertises to all parts of the process, including strategy planning, technical setup, campaign creation/management and analytics and optimization. Whether you want to simply compliment in designated areas or require end-to-end support, we are sure we can tailor an action plan based on your business objectives and current settings.

Who is this for?

Ask yourself if you have been in need of :

  • Specialist knowledge and/or skill – You want to activate marketing automation but you are short of necessary skills or expertises to design/ set up a journey and ensure everything is logically correct
  • Resources – You have amazing automation ideas, but there’s always a missing piece from the puzzle – be it the data, the creatives or content support
  • Optimization – You have long since implemented an automation flow but aren’t seeing the returns you expect

Challenges can come from any part of the business, and we are not limited to a single dimension of problems. For example, it may be that the challenges have stemmed from the business strategy, or the technical implementation, but we’ve got your back.

What’s special about our approach?

We don’t treat marketing automation as “set it and forget it”. We believe marketing automation and customer journeys need constant attention to really benefit your business.

At Ematic, we apply an agile marketing approach to deliver your business objectives – starting with fast activation of high ROI opportunities, and continuously develop your marketing automation roadmap over time. Followed with continuous analysis, testing and optimization, we create a process to turn your marketing automation into a spinning growth flywheel.

Additionally, our methodology allows you to kickstart more easily without an overly expensive, lengthy initial setup investment. Not only do we have a time-based pricing structure, but we also roll-over any un-utilized hours to the next period, so that it gives you the flexibility of managing any given fluctuation during the engagement.

Ending note

At Ematic, our mission has always been to deliver real results for marketers. Since our humble beginnings of being “the Mailchimp guys”, over the past 10 years, we have expanded and helped numerous businesses adopt the right technologies for their marketing endeavors.

Learning from our customers and the state of the market, our new services are designed to tackle the broader underlying challenges beyond technology to drive real impact. We are able to curate this service by marrying the learnings to the expertise we readily have in-house.

With so much to unlock, we hope you are as excited as we are to begin the journey with our new services. Check out our marketing automation service to learn more about how we are able to help you, or contact us directly.


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