Performance Marketing: Stop Buying Clicks, Buy Profitability

Why Are We Launching PM_ Banner


Performance marketing is a great way to enhance brand awareness, build a reputation and generate sales in an efficient and cost-effective way. But too often marketers make some fundamental errors in their approach, which sets them on the wrong path from the get-go.

In our talks with 70 marketers across the region, far too many businesses are optimizing their performance marketing in the wrong way, because they are not using the right data and mindset. They shared that they are struggling with finding the right data points to act upon and understanding the long-term performance. That’s why Ematic launched a new performance marketing service to help scale your businesses by putting emphasis on data tracking and analytics.


How we do Performance Marketing

Analytics and Tracking

We emphasize the importance of analytics and tracking when doing performance marketing. Our goal is to help you deliver top-tier results, and it starts with understanding what to scale, what to optimize, and which without proper tracking, you lose direction.  We will ensure flawless data tracking throughout your marketing channels, which is the key to any successful digital marketing strategy.

Understanding your Data

There is so much data available at your fingertips, you can easily fall down the rabbit hole of looking at performance and statistics for days. But how do you know you are looking at the right data set? If so, do you even know what to do with it?  Ematic will help in figuring out which data is relevant to your business. This is determined by stating your goals, which we can then turn into actionable KPIs. Once you’re measuring the right data, it’s much easier to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Understanding your Goals

To run the most effective marketing channel, you must first, and always define your goals, and then choose the specific marketing tactics that will best help you achieve them – not the other way around. No matter what your current business objective is, whether you want to drive website traffic, build awareness or generate higher-quality leads, Ematic can help. 

Holistic Approach 

We fix your tracking issues, structure your settings, implement a full-funnel strategy, and optimize along the way via important touch points of your customer’s journey from Acquisition to Retention. We ensure that your digital ads are always operating at maximum efficiency and are continually optimized to maximize your ROI and achieve your business goals.



If you’re looking for a digital agency with expertise in performance and full knowledge of all aspects of the digital landscape. Look no further than Ematic Solutions. Check our new performance marketing service here, or contact us directly to discuss your business needs.

Why Are We Launching PM_ Banner

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