Introducing Ematic’s New Service: Performance Marketing

performance marketing service

We’re back with our latest launch, and it’s a big one: Performance Marketing. Technically, we’ve been doing this for more than three years via our sister company, Elixus, but we’ve reimagined the offering, consolidated our teams of industry experts to offer a more seamless experience, and relaunched it across all of our markets. 

You might feel like finding a trustable performance marketing agency isn’t easy. It’s often a challenge to find a performance marketing agency that will provide you with the services, expertise, and value you’re looking for. Many agencies would convince you that they have the best strategy for your business, but in the end, they rarely deliver results with only generic, high-level reporting.

You need to understand, to run performance marketing with exceptional results, you must set up proper tracking so that the results of each analysis are accurate, and serve as guidelines for future optimization. Most performance marketing agencies don’t really see this as something important, as they do not have the expertise or technical resources required. In the end, you have clicked and wondered where did the rest of your money go. That’s exactly what differentiates us from other performance marketing agencies.

How we do Performance Marketing

At Ematic we’re a real data-centric agency and we put a huge emphasis on tracking, A/B testing, and analytics. We believe that your data has the potential to be your most valuable marketing resource, and with the right information in hand, we can help you create scalable and repeatable performance marketing campaigns.

That’s why we always ensure that all trackable data points, including customer behavior on your site, are being tracked and tagged properly. We will also ensure that correct data is flowing throughout your entire ecosystem which allows Ematic to optimize your performance. 

We also do believe in an ‘Agile Growth’ marketing methodology. Compared to the traditional methodologies where one focuses on big, overarching strategies, we always try to keep everything small, with a KPI-focused holistic strategy. This will allow us to develop a laser-focused strategy based on your business goals with fast, attainable results leading to a  higher ROI.

If you worry about tracking and reporting, Ematic will also provide you with in-depth, custom reporting tailored to your business, to show exactly the performance and where the areas of improvement are. 

Read more about our new performance marketing service here, or contact us here to explore how we can help your business grow through performance marketing.

performance marketing service

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